Review of Systems is a podcast dedicated to discussion of primary care innovation, payment reform, health care policy, and more. The podcast aims to engage with primary care clinicians, administrators, policy makers, and payors and serve as a platform for primary care advocacy.

We release a show once weekly on Tuesdays. Each show will feature an interview with a clinician, researcher, or other professional doing interesting and innovative work in primary care or public health. One episode per month will be a journal club episode and will feature a discussion of a recent manuscript of interest to our audience.

Audrey Provenzano, host and producer of the podcast, is a primary care doctor in the Boston area. Co-hosts Thomas Kim is a family practice physician in Houston, and David Rosenthal is an internist in Connecticut.

You can reach us at contact@rospod.org. Please send along your suggestions for guests or manuscripts, feedback and suggestions. Thanks for listening.