Journal Club Lightning Round: evidence based policy and vaccine rates, municipal non-health spending and health rankings, and is less really more?

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For this week’s journal club, David, Thomas, and Audrey bring listeners short overviews of three articles. Audrey discusses an article published in the journal Pediatrics Dec 18 2017, called Exemptions from Mandatory Immunization After Legally Mandated Parental Counseling by Saad Omer, Kristen Allen, DH Chang, Beryl Guterman, Robert Bednarczyk, Alex Jordan, Alison Buttenheim, Malia Jones, Claire Hannan, Patricia deHart, and Daniel Salmon. David chats about the Dec 14, 2017 commentary published in New England Journal of Medicine by Dr. Lisa Rosenbaum entitled The Less is More Crusade – Are we Overmedicalizing or Oversimplifying. And Thomas shares a Health Affairs article, Government spending health and nonhealth sectors associated with improvement in county health rankings, published in their November 2016 issue.

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