Caring for high need, high cost patients with Jeffrey Brenner

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Jeffrey Brenner is best known for his ground-breaking work with high-need patients in Camden, New Jersey, where he founded the Camden Coalition and changed how we all think about caring for this subset of our patients. He joins us this week and talks with us about how a shooting and subsequent relationship with the Camden police led him to a physician breakfast club and then the coalition; what it was like to catapult to fame after being featured in Atul Gawande’s hotspotter article in The New Yorker; his decision to join United Health Care to continue his work caring for the most vulnerable patients; and what he thinks the future of primary care should look like.

I’d like to thank the Harvard Center for Primary Care for helping to facilitate this interview; and just a warning in case you are listening around young ears, there is some adult language in this episode.

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 This interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity. This podcast episode contains adult language. Photo courtesy Jeffrey Brenner.