David Levine: Home Hospital Research

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On our premier show, Dr. David Levine, a general internist and research fellow in the Division of General Internal Medicine and Primary Care at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School talks about his research looking at home hospitalization. Instead of admitting patients to the floors from the ED, he admits them back home. He also reflects on some of his other research and interests in the quality of outpatient care, digital health technology, and novel methods of care delivery.

Check out an article about David’s research in the Boston Globe, a video about his home hospital work, and one of his other publications that we talk about in the show, comparing doctors to symptom checking software.

We also reference Bruce Leff, a leader of the home hospital movement in the US; Community Servings, an organization in the Boston area dedicated to bringing wholesome food to the chronically ill; and Iora Health, an innovative healthcare delivery organization.